Virtual Wellness Journeys

Imagine wellness classes designed to transport, inspire and motivate the body and mind.

experience our unique content:

Comprehensive Holistic Wellness Library

A meticulously curated collection that caters to a full range of holistic movement styles, from beginner to advanced.

Meditation & restorative

Core & Alignment

Flowing Movement

Strength & Power

Making Virtual Personal

Our teachers share unique styles of movement as well as their own life stories, allowing participants to become more personally connected to the class experience than ever before.



Introducing the E+S App

The Earth+Sky Collection can now be made available to your customers on our dedicated App. Classes can be selected, streamed and accessed from home or anywhere, on iOS and Android devices.

Digital delivery

We have a sophsticated range of digital delivery options. You can choose the best experience for your customers to enjoy all Earth+Sky class content.