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Keep up with the high demands of the modern traveller

It's no secret that physical and mental wellness has become an integral part of the daily lives of many people across the globe. This means travellers of today have high expectations for maintaining their wellbeing routines, even when away from home.

At Earth+Sky we understand that meeting these high demands can be costly and time consuming for hotels, which is why we've developed our simple to implement virtual wellness solution.

A flexible wellness solution

Our virtual classes elevate your wellbeing offering. They allow your guests to access a wide range of holistic disciplines, that they can fit in to their day when it suits them.

Whether that's through their in-room TV, in an automated wellness studio, via a bespoke app, or a mix of all three, we give you options to offer classes in a way that suits both your property and your guests.

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Minimal cost for something truly unique

Giving your guests access to virtual wellness classes requires no additional fitness equipment, meaning maintenance costs are kept to a minimum. All that your guests need to follow a class is a yoga mat.

At Earth+Sky we want you to be able to offer your guests something truly unique, which is why we've specifically produced our exclusive classes for high-end hospitality environments. So, let us take your guests on a cinematic wellness journey of the like they've never experienced before.

Why choose Earth+Sky?

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Cinema-quality production for the world's most beautiful wellness classes



Guests can access classes in-room, in-studio, or via our mobile app


Content your guests can't get through B2C fitness apps



Fast global support from our team of creative and technical experts

Virtual Classes Guide

Find out how hotels can leverage virtual wellness to elevate their guest experience with our guide.

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How to offer Earth+Sky to your guests

Our delivery options give you the flexibility to offer a virtual solution that fits your property as well as the needs of your guests.

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"The Earth+Sky platform is a wonderful addition to our exclusive offering, allowing guests the ease and comfort of being able to work out in their suite."

Krista North | Director of Sales and Marketing
Saxon Hotel, Villas and Spa

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