Matt Miller

Matt Miller / Strength & Power

Matt’s teaching style runs the gamut from drill sergeant to nice dad, with a can-do resolve that challenges people to stay more active in mind and body, whatever their age.

Matt is expert in pushing both men and women to the limits – even those who think they aren’t suited to yoga – encouraging physical and mental discipline for a 100% focus on results. His signature Broga® classes open up tight areas, maximising correct skeletal alignment and increasing strength at the same time.

Matt’s philosophy is simple: people should never be limited by the number of their age, never give up and never admit defeat. His Broga® classes are pure inspiration, and are designed to counteract everything from desk hunch to sofa-slouch, emphasising moves that build strength and stability.

A lifetime in fitness and competitive sport has left its mark on Matt’s varied career: American Football star, bodybuilding champion, primetime TV presenter, PT to the Sergeants of the armed forces, Co-Founder of Soul Circus yoga festival, Fitness Director of W Hotels London, founding Broga® fitness yoga and certifying hundreds of students to teach yoga.