In-Room TV

Bringing wellness to the guest room

Create new value in your hospitality experience by enabling Earth+Sky’s extraordinary collection of wellness classes in the privacy of each guest room.

How it Works

Our sophisticated technology platform allows you to choose a solution that fits with your hotel’s existing in-room TV system.  For the latest Smart TVs, our Earth+Sky App can be selected by guests and used on demand.  With an IPTV system, content can be streamed from your central servers.

You can also configure the Earth+Sky App so that guests can screencast from your in-room devices to compatible in-room TVs.

Guest benefits

Put the expertise of world-class instructors into your guests’ hands 24/7, so they can exercise whenever they want in the privacy of their own room. With no additional equipment cost per room, Earth+Sky offers guests the chance to try a wide range of holistic fitness disciplines all aimed at different levels and abilities.

In stunning cinematic quality, every immersive class is designed to exceed expectations, reaching far beyond readily available YouTube or other online class offerings.

How We Can Help

We are a consultancy of multi-skilled fitness, tech and creative experts with an in-depth understanding of content production, branding and audio visual tech, ready to help maximise your studio spaces. Whether you want a simple technology platform to run classes or design-led visual imagineering for an awe-inspiring immersive programme, we can work with you from inception to delivery, ensuring you create a truly outstanding virtual experience.

With offices in London, Dubai, Hong Kong and Shanghai, and clients on five continents, our world-class expertise, up-to-the-minute tech and superb customer service work together to create truly spectacular virtual experiences.

How we can help - Earth + Sky