Virtual Studio

Creating a studio

From reimagining an existing space to best display your virtual content right up to designing a completely bespoke experience, we can coordinate and create according to your specific needs.

Studio set up - Earth + Sky

Setting you up with a reliable and functional virtual studio

If you are new to virtual, together with our partners we can provide expert guidance to help you specify the basic ingredients for a virtual studio space: a high-quality sound system, a video display unit and a reliable technology platform to play content. We can also guide you through options you may want to consider, such as whether classes play out according to a schedule you manage from week to week, or whether you allow your customers to select classes on demand via a touchscreen. Find out more about our preferred technology partner at

Creating a one-of-a-kind standout luxury studio experience

Working in collaboration with your interior designers or architects, we can create innovative designs that will amaze your customers. Whether it’s content designed to play on wrap-around cinema-scale screens or multiple screen formats that run content entirely bespoke to your brand, we can plan, design and film to a high standard.

We can also curate additional soundscapes or surround sound to heighten the customer experience, with lighting changes to suit the mood of the class, or add scent – perhaps to conjure the pine woods of Canada or an ocean breeze – for a wholly immersive sensory experience. The creative choices are endless.

One-of-a-kind studio experience - Earth + Sky

How We Can Help

We are a consultancy of multi-skilled fitness, tech and creative experts with an in-depth understanding of content production, branding and audio visual tech, ready to help maximise your studio spaces. Whether you want a simple technology platform to run classes or design-led visual imagineering for an awe-inspiring immersive programme, we can work with you from inception to delivery, ensuring you create a truly outstanding virtual experience.

With offices in London, Dubai, Hong Kong and Shanghai, and clients on five continents, our world-class expertise, up-to-the-minute tech and superb customer service work together to create truly spectacular virtual experiences.

How we can help - Earth + Sky