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About Us - Earth + Sky


We set out to create something innovative, spiritually uplifting and physically effective in our curated virtual classes, where charismatic leaders take you on inspired journeys.

A ground-breaking new approach to fitness

Existing virtual offerings left us unmoved, as they seemed static, uninspiring and totally unmotivating. So we set out to breathe new life into the world of virtual fitness with charismatic teachers, incredible locations, specially commissioned music and high-quality production values that actually make you want to get down on the mat. It’s cinema for the fitness crowd and motivation for the virtual generation, where the lens of the camera draws viewers in as participants themselves.

Ground breaking new approach to fitness - Earth + Sky
Each class is a journey - Earth + Sky

Each class is a journey for the mind, body and soul

We wanted to not only get everyone stretching and flexing, but to stir something deep within. The holistic classes we have created are unique personal experiences, where every teacher shares not just technical expertise but also inspiring life philosophies, which promote positivity, mindfulness and focus. It means that each session becomes a personalised journey for the viewer, motivating them physically but also through connecting with their life experiences.

It’s a great excuse to try something new

Our wide knowledge of holistic exercise has led us to many different techniques, from the physical and challenging to the relaxing or more spiritual. This curated collection helps viewers discover, expand their horizons and push their boundaries. And we are committed to continually evolving the experience and horizons of our class participants. We strive to innovate by introducing new and exciting classes, with different time durations and levels of difficulty to suit every body type, ability and mindset.

About Us - Earth + Sky


A meeting of thought-leading wellness, creative and technical minds has resulted in a virtual programme of unique depth, artistry and professionalism.

Expansive wellness experience for expert class curation

Behind the scenes, our content direction is informed by an extensive background that embraces everything from nutrition and martial arts to dance, as well as in-depth knowledge of yoga. This rare understanding of wellness has helped us bring together an exceptional collection of teachers, who engage, motivate, inspire and share their personal stories, making each class a unique journey – physically, mentally and emotionally.

Expansive wellness experience - Earth + Sky
High quality content - Earth + Sky

High-quality content creation for dazzling classes with sky-high production values

On the film production side, we put together a talented team fluent in the creation of high production value TV, commercials, film and immersive visual installations. These directors and lighting specialists create breathtaking visuals, while a team of music producers and composers craft ambient soundscapes and music to enhance and optimise the immersive experience.

A creative, multi-disciplinary wellness partner

The Earth+Sky team offers turnkey solutions for brands who want their own wellbeing class collections - from concept development and fitness direction to film production and soundscape design. Content may be exclusive to select customers, or incorporated in forthcoming Earth+Sky collections, showcasing your brand to a global audience.

In the studio environment, we have the creative vision and technical skills to collaborate with interior designers, digital technicians and AV companies, designing innovative, world-class studio spaces for the future.

Digitally, we are equally at home, ensuring there is a smooth customer journey with elegant UX design and ultra-efficient streaming platforms.

Our mission is quite simply, to deliver only the best customer experiences possible - helping our clients deliver unique stand-out concepts that add value, increase engagement and have a positive impact on brand strength.