Salma El-Ansary

Salma El-Ansary / Meditation & Restorative

Salma’s philosophy involves letting go of expectations and getting in tune with the body for a richer, more connected life experience.

A Canadian of Egyptian descent, Salma moved from Toronto to Abu Dhabi to London, where she teaches a range of yoga and fitness practices to beginners and experienced practitioners alike, including Sculpt, Broga, Booty Barre, Moksha / Modo Hatha and Vinyasa Flow Yoga, as well as being a Fitness Instructor.

Her personal experiences led her to a philosophy that revolves around letting go of tension, stress and negativity to become holistically stronger mentally, physically and spiritually, getting in tune with your body by listening and being still – and thinking and over-analysing less.

Earth+Sky curates two of her classes, which encourage surrendering to mindfulness and relaxation, allowing participants to slow down and live in the moment. Yin Yoga with Tibetan Sound Healing focuses on the meditative sound of the bowls while holding postures for over three minutes, while her Pregnancy Yoga class breaks down the fear of the unknown to surrender to the joy and wonder of expecting.