Kari McCreath

Kari McCreath / Core & Alignment

Kari brings positive energy and passion to two upbeat Power Pilates classes, which develop core strength and improve fitness.

Canadian Kari brings unbelievable enthusiasm and energy to everything she does. Coming from an exercise-focused family – her mother was a fitness instructor – she really lives her philosophy of combining a healthy lifestyle through a plant-based diet with regular exercise, minimal alcohol and maximum sweat.

Her warm and inclusive style is gentle but challenging; her teaching is always fun, but she will push you be more flexible, fitter, stronger and more toned. After her class, she promises you will feel exhausted but exhilarated.

Kari teaches two Power Pilates classes for the E+S Collection, bringing an intense, upbeat and results-driven session that tones, balances and strengthens the body. An ACE certified instructor, she also teaches Indoor studio cycling and even boot camp and military circuits!