Dylan Salamon

Dylan Salamon / Strength & Power

Hard-working classes use functional movement and cardio to build core strength and flexibility.

South African Dylan is a mobility specialist, with a background in high-powered sports from rugby, bodybuilding and powerlifting to CrossFit and triathlons: anything that challenges the body and gets it moving.

He uses his wide experience as an anatomically-driven yoga teacher, with two Animal Flow classes in the E+S Collection that use a combination of intense flow movements to improve mobility and increase core control, strengthening and stretching the body. You don’t need previous experience, as Dylan starts by building strong foundations before increasing the intensity and artistry.

Dylan competed in the 2017 European yoga cup, and won the title for Hungary at the Yoga World Championships in 2019. He teaches power vinyasa and Bikram, Progressive Hatha, Olympic lifting, is the creator of Yoga for Lifting & Active Beast, as well as being a personal trainer.