Adrienne LeCoure

Adrienne LeCoure / Flowing Movement

Incredibly soulful teacher Adrienne guides people to surrender to the flow of life and let go of negative forces in calm, graceful classes designed to ground and empower.

From the Western outback of America, Adrienne completed her training in India, and went on to practise in Sri Lanka, Guatemala and the US, working with people to awaken the peace and power within.

Filmed in the luxuriant grounds of a Moorish palace and the expansive landscape of the North African desert sands, Adrienne’s classes draw on the power of the elements themselves to access peace and stability, helping people take control of their reactions in any situation and feel fully empowered.

Adrienne also teaches Hatha, Ashtanga, Sivananda and Vinyasa, as well as restorative, chair and power yoga.