Daniel Petkoff

Daniel Petkoff / Core & Alignment

Daniel’s work is a real exploration of body and mind, using restorative and strengthening techniques for long-term health.

Argentinian by birth, Daniel spent much time in India studying with mentor Danny Paradise, as well as yogis Arno L’Hermitte and Anastasis Koutsogiannis, learning techniques from structured Ashtanga to gentle Hatha yoga.

His own personal yoga style combines Thai yoga massage and osteopathic techniques with the physical practice of yoga and breathing to help align the body and spine, improve concentration and build strength, flexibility and balance for optimum wellness. Daniel’s Ashtanga-based class for Earth+Sky focuses on both a restorative and strengthening practice with a slow and tempered approach to learning.

Daniel is resident in a community of artists set up by the Marquess of Bath in an idyllic rural mill house on the Longleat estate in Wiltshire, where he practises print making, photography and film making. He has taught and hosted yoga workshops and CPD training courses in anatomy and physiology, history and philosophy, pranayama, asana and meditation, leading yoga retreats in Spain, Italy, India, Japan, Venezuela and the USA.